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tell me more, tell me more

im Bianca, but you can totally make nicknames or whatever idk and im 14 and my birthday’s on the 14th of June and you definitely shouldn’t forget that, and im from romania but i moved to wales and basically im just welsh ok deal with it 

did you understand will herondale in clockwork princess?

(i actually get asked this way too much omg)  sometimes especially when he said ‘nagw du’ or smth like that idk how to spell it

How do I get a mini cursor/updates tab?

Click HERE for a mini cursor and HERE for an updates tab

Do you follow back?

No ~ And please don’t ask me otherwise i’ll feel awkward and obliged too - you can, however, as me to check out your blog! 

Why did you unfollow me?

probably because you were being way to hipster, posting porn or posting things i wasnt interested in - sometimes it’s like an unfollow spree or smth but almost always it will be bc you havent updated for like 2 days+

did you get my message?

i am literally so lazy when it comes to answering messages - sometimes i can leave it for a million years so yes IM RLLY SRRY 

do you know how to code/use html/anything like this???

UM A LITTLE BIT like i can try for you i mean i added  fandom scarves on elly’s blog which was a bitch to do but there ya have it!! please omg do not hesitate to ask srsly i  rlly do love this sort of thing eeek

*Sends hate*

remember to put anon on okay no.1 rule

but jokes aside okay almost 7 out of 10 people who bully (i did research and everything) feel upset. if you do feel upset, please come and talk to me! i wont be able to solve the problem (unless i am a magician oooh) but i will be able to help as much as i can!! you can totally trust me, sweeties, okay??? and if you’re going to call me a pervert please remember that you’re completely right

(x) (x)